Parton Podiatry


Does it hurt?

Usually treatment is painless. If a painful condition exists we are able to administer local anaesthetic if appropriate.

How much will it cost?

A consultation with treatment costs £33.00.

How long does the treatment take?

Treatments usually take 20 minutes.

Will I then be cured?

Depending on the condition and cause it may require further treatments; this will be explained at the first visit.

Can I get this done on the NHS?

Yes you can, but not here. The system currently operating means that you will have to attend your local health centre for an initial consultation. If it is considered that you will require future care a self-referral system is in place. Many of the hard working clinicians are over- subscribed and there may be some wait.

How long will I wait for an appointment with you?

If it is a real emergency we will endeavour to see you within 24 hours. Otherwise, we try to see people within a week.